Carolynn Anctil Design

Watercolour Illustrator, Storyteller, Photographer

Handcrafted in Canada.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

My artwork is an antidote to the noise and chaos of this world, a joyful place of peace we can all escape to.

I create artwork that sparks the imagination and speaks to the carefree child in all of us who dreams of faraway places where wishes come true.

Suitable for all ages, my artwork is lighthearted, with a hint of magic, and is designed to inspire joy.

I create my watercolour illustrations by hand and infuse them with the kind of everyday magic I believe exists all around us, before I offer them as prints for you to enjoy.


Warm Fuzzies

Have you heard about my Art Initiative?


I created this hashtag to celebrate the creation of art, purely for the pleasure it brings. It’s not about making “good” art (whatever that means), or even art that sells. It’s about tapping into our natural inclination to play and not about monetary gain. It can feel like a rebellious act.

I’m committed to following this feeling of freedom and playful expression wherever it leads. If you decide to join me, please use this hashtag and tag me, so I can follow along.

Find me on Instagram @carolynnanctildesign.

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