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Portrait of Artist Carolynn Anctil

“My style of artwork is lighthearted, with a hint of magic, and is designed to inspire joy.”

Carolynn Anctil

About the Artist.

I am, at my essence, a Dreamer.

Watercolour Illustrator & Storyteller, my style of art creation is lighthearted, with a hint of magic, and is designed to inspire joy.

My childhood home was filled with chaos and wasn’t always a safe place to be. I hid out in my bedroom a lot and found comfort in reading books that fueled my fertile imagination where magic and wonder existed, a place where I could be lifted out of my current circumstances and go on adventures with fantastical creatures in a world of make believe.

Throughout my life, I’ve chosen to view the world from a place of hopeful optimism. That isn’t to say that I haven’t also been intimate with the shadows, but I choose not to live in darkness, believing instead in the power of beauty and delighting in the magic of birdsong on a spring morning.

The best thing about being an artist, for me, is that I’m free to create the kind of world I want to believe in, simply by dreaming it into existence.

By employing a generous use of imagination, I’m able to conjure characters and worlds into existence where my mind can pause, if even for just a moment, and find stillness. So much of what I do, with my artwork and my monthly subscription service Little Pockets of Peace, is dedicated to this, my soul’s calling. It’s at the heart of all I do and the reason I create the kind of uplifting artwork I do. 

I believe that a sense of hope is at the basis of all human achievement and that those who do not abandon this fundamental mindset are those who are the most resilient in the face of adversity.

I’m setting off on a quest to search for signs of Wonder. Let’s steal away together, up above the clouds where daydreams are found. Are you coming with me?

I invite you to explore my website and discover a world of characters to reawaken your childlike sense of playfulness and joy.

Join me on my Quest in Search of Wonder.

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