Once Upon A Time...

Every great story begins this way.

Portrait of Artist Carolynn Anctil

“My artwork is an antidote to the noise and chaos of this world, a joyful place we can all escape to where magic exists.”

Carolynn Anctil

Welcome Kindred Spirit

Whether it’s a love of country living or a lighthearted view of life, you enjoy a touch of whimsy and are delighted by everyday magic.

You’re a creative thinker, with a curious mind and your favourite question is “What if?”. 

You imagine a world where the fantastical exists and possibility abounds. 

You believe in serendipity and listen to the small whispers in your soul that tell you life doesn’t have to be so hard.

You dream of a life of serenity and ease and a return to simpler times. 

We find comfort, strength, and connection in the stories of others.  We share a playful imagination and chickens are our idea of the ideal pet.

Okay, maybe that last bit’s just me.

One thing’s for certain, you love the thrill of discovery and you are inspired by unique, joyful artwork that appeals to your playful side. You want to decorate your home and your life with artwork that brightens your day and makes your soul sing.

Your home is your sanctuary and you want the artwork you display to reflect your desire to live a life of harmony.

You’ve come to the right place.

About the Artist

I am, at my essence,

a watercolour illustrator, storyteller, and photographer. My style of art creation is lighthearted, with a hint of magic, and is designed to inspire joy.

I was born in the 1960’s to parents who had endured the hardships of the  Great Depression. Times were turbulent, both inside and outside my home, so I sought solace in beauty and make-believe.  My imagination has always been my favourite companion.

When the time came…

for me to choose a career path, my parents did their best to discourage me from pursuing a career in graphic design, understandably citing the difficulties they believed this choice presented to make a decent living.

Nevertheless, I persevered…

and put myself through art college, only to drop out after the first year. Feeling discouraged, I entered the mainstream corporate world, dressed for success in a wardrobe of black, and eventually built a successful 20 year career as an art dealer working first with the renowned Susan Clark Gallery of Gem Art and then with the Inuit Art Gallery in Vancouver, B.C.

One constant that remained…

was the desire I nurtured to create a life lived in peace and serenity in a little country cottage where I could make art to my heart’s content.

Fast forward to the present.

I now reside in a 100 year old farmhouse on the Canadian prairies with my husband, our dog and 2 cats. Surrounded by farmer’s fields, we enjoy the company of grazing cattle, a resident fox family, deer and the occasional skunk that wanders through our yard. Meadowlarks and coyotes serenade us on a daily basis.

I aspire to live a life of simplicity and slow living and I am in awe of nature with all her grace and majesty. I believe in serendipity and am always on the lookout for everyday magic and mystery.

What if…?

This is a  magical phrase that’s ripe with possibility and adventure.

These two words are the beginning of everything and they’re the essence of my identity, where fantasy and reality co-exist on an ever changing plane.

My adventure is still unfolding. I’m so glad you’ve joined me.

Flatlay photo of a self-portrait of the artist, Carolynn Anctil, against a black background. A pink poppy lays on the left, 3 watercolour paint swatches in yellow, purple and grey are in the top right corner and a watercolour paintbrush is on the bottom right corner.

Have you heard about my Art Initiative?


I created this hashtag to celebrate the creation of art, purely for the pleasure it brings. It’s not about making “good” art (whatever that means), or even art that sells. It’s about tapping into our natural inclination to play and not about monetary gain. It can feel like a rebellious act.

I’m committed to following this feeling of freedom and playful expression wherever it leads. If you decide to join me, please use the hashtag #joyfulartcreation and tag me, so I can follow along.

Find me on Instagram @carolynnanctildesign.

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