Commissioned Artwork

Welcome to my gallery of commissioned artwork showcasing a sampling of custom illustrations created to meet a variety of individual clients’ needs.

Contact me for information on how you can work with me to bring your idea to life.

Watercolour Illustration of cosmos flowers encircling the words Be Brave

It is so beautiful!!!!!! Thank you so much.

Two story house illustration

Marvelous work! Carolynn is both creative and responsive to input. The result is exactly what we were hoping for! Timely, creative, collaborative and artistically skilled. You couldn't ask for better than Carolynn on a design.

Mara Shaw 2021 Christmas Card

It looks awesome and so RICH

Woman dressed in purple seated in yoga split with lotus flower in her hands, a halo of moon phases and an ohm symbol above her head.

Carolynn did a fantastic job of translating my kernel of an idea into a lovely gift for my stepdaughter. Carolynn kept me apprised of progress along the way which made it a fun and educational look into her process. I wholeheartedly recommend future commissions. I'd give you a 10 if the scale went up that high!

Bleeding Heart Flower Detail

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Dreamweaver's Manifesto Sketch

Calling all Dreamweavers

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