I am not currently accepting commissions.

What you can expect.

My style of artwork is lighthearted with a liberal dose of playful whimsy, a hint of magic, and a dash of nostalgia.

Each work of art I produce begins as an original watercolour illustration or photograph that I created myself by hand. All the artwork is printed in-house to ensure consistent quality control. I may be a wee bit of a perfectionist, so everything that leaves my studio has to pass my own personal high standards test first. That said, the hand of the artist will still be present in my art prints and that’s a good thing.

I personally hand write every instalment of Tin Rooster Farm Notes, my snail-mail subscription service, and pack them full of extra goodies so it feels like you’re receiving a special gift from me in your mailbox every month.

Bottom line, I strive to deliver quality, value and the best customer service experience possible while constantly working to improve on that ideal with every work of art I create and ship.

What is a Giclèe ?

The short answer is, a giclèe (pronounced jee-clay) is an image that has been digitally printed onto a fine art paper or canvas. 

The most common form a giclèe takes is as a reproduction of some other medium, like watercolour or photography, usually issued as a limited edition.

A giclèe reproduction is significantly and qualitatively different from mass-produced prints which are issued in the tens of thousands and are photo-mechanically created copies, rendering them little more than posters.

By comparison, a higher quality reproduction giclèe is issued in editions that are limited to a few hundred copies at most. My Limited Edition prints are issued as a small run of 99, while the industry standard is often 250 or more.

What is a Remarqué?

A remarqué literally translated from French means “note”. It refers to a small portion of an original work of art hand drawn or painted directly on a print by the artist, often, but not always limited to the margin.

What do I get when I buy a Print?

Each giclèe I produce begins as either an original watercolour illustration or a photograph I created myself. Printed on archival, acid free, 60 lb., 100% pure cellulose paper. Each Limited Edition print is limited to an edition of 99 and is subjected to my personal scrutiny. A select few will be printed on 64 lb., 100% cotton rag paper.

Limited edition prints are limited to a small run of 99 and are signed and numbered. Open edition prints are also signed and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and an Artist’s Biography. 

All artwork is sold unframed.

Print sizes indicated refer to actual paper size. Images are printed smaller to allow for flexibility with framing and adhere to standard industry sizes whenever possible.

Shipping is First Class through Canada Post and will include tracking, whenever possible. 

*If  you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tin Rooster Farm Notes

Why can't I do this myself with a group of friends for free?

I’ve joined pen pal groups many times, all of them comprised of good people with every intention of writing to each other on a regular basis. Unfortunately, Life, with all it’s demands on our time, energy, and resources, has a way of intervening. Invariably, it’s been my experience, that participants fall off the bandwagon after exchanging only one, or sometimes two, pieces of mail and you’re left waiting for that letter that never comes. While pen pals who faithfully correspond for years do exist, it seems to be a rare and precious occurrence, especially in our digital age. I assure you, you will never experience that letdown when you subscribe to receive mailings from me.

Tin Rooster Farm Notes also make wonderful gifts for others. They’re perfect for the elderly or shut-ins and make an excellent gift idea for special occasions, as well.

I already live in the country. Is this for me?

Yes! I’m willing to bet you still love to receive personal mail, am I right? The notes I send out each month will invite you to view country life through fresh eyes. Each envelope is designed to be a unique experience, with little surprises tucked inside, each and every month.

What if I discover that it's just not for me, after all? Can I cancel?

I’m hoping that this will be a rich experience for you, however, if you decide you no longer wish to continue with your subscription, I will refund your fee, less the cost of any mailings sent (CDN$22.50/month, plus applicable taxes and shipping fees.) Cancellation requests must be sent to me at carolynn@carolynnanctildesign.com before the first of the month to avoid an additional month’s billing. 

I know someone who would love to receive this! How do I arrange a subscription for them?

Just follow this link and proceed to check out. Let me know this is a gift for someone else and I will include a note on your behalf.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, I can ship anywhere in the world. However, because shipping costs vary widely, please contact me for a quote for any destination outside Canada or the Continental U.S..