• Framed Black Widow print against a weathered wood background. Miniature pumpkin in the bottom right corner and skeleton key in upper left corner.
  • Black Widow print suspended by miniature clothespins against a white background.
  • Black Widow print close up of main character.
  • Close up of Black Widow print showing legs and spider tattoo. Skeleton key in bottom right corner.
  • Framed Black Widow print with pomegranate in bottom left corner, paintbrush and paint trays in upper right corner shown against a white background.
  • Black Widow short story text segment with pen and weathered metal decoration.
  • Set of 3 Black Widow bookmarks pictured with a black book.
  • Black Widow unframed print with set of 3 bookmarks and short story. Decorative corn to the left of frame.

Black Widow Mixed Media Illustration


Every good storybook needs a villain. Black Widow will send a delicious shiver up your spine and have you whistling a shaky tune to bolster your courage.

Limited Edition Giclèe Print.


“When darkness falls, silent and swift, stretching long fingered shadows across the land, beware, for soon tolls the dreadful hour when Black Widow reigns supreme.”

Did you and your friends scare yourselves silly with spooky stories told around a bonfire on a chill autumn night? Were you afraid of the dark, like I was? Black Widow plays on those childhood experiences that made us jump at our own shadow and startle at the proverbial bumps in the night. If you’ve ever walked into a spider web unexpectedly, you’ll know the kind of reaction she can evoke. Don’t ignore that delicious shiver that runs up your spine.

 The Storybook Collection features strong female characters and debuted with Queen Bee. Black Widow is the fourth in an ongoing series of limited edition gicleè prints that celebrates the art of storytelling in a new and expanded way.

An original short story, written exclusively for this work of art, accompanies each print and is not available in any other form.

As an added bonus, the first 10 prints, including Artist’s Proofs, will receive a set of three (3) bookmarks. Each bookmark is printed with a different quote from the short story and one (1) is tassled. If you’ve ever worried that someone might sneak a peek inside your private journal, this might just help to keep them away. This bonus gift is not available elsewhere.

*In addition, three (3) Artist’s Proofs of Black Widow are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Reading level: Advanced.

This print is printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper and is limited to an edition of 99. All prints are sold unframed. Please visit my FAQ page for details about actual sizes, materials used and what’s included with your print purchase.

All rights reserved.

Additional information

Edition Type

Artist's Proof, Limited Edition


Print & Story, Print Only


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