• Framed print with colourful bunting across upper left and chicken feathers.
  • Country Kid watercolour illustration hangs suspended by 2 miniature clothespins against a white background. A young girl stands in the foreground in the country. She's wearing a long sleeved, striped shirt in blue, yellow & white and blue jeans. She faces left, with her head turned to face the viewer and holds a large brown chicken in her arms.

Country Kid – Watercolour Illustration Art Print


Tap into the simple joys of a childhood raised on a farm in the country where time is measured by the sun’s arc across the sky.

Limited Edition Giclèe Print.


As young children, my brother and I spent 2 weeks out of every summer on my aunt & uncle’s farm. It was a completely different world than the one we were familiar with in the city. I always envied the laid back rural lifestyle my cousins enjoyed that put them so at ease in their environment and I dreamed of one day living in the country too, where I could live in harmony with nature and raise my own small flock of chickens.

Perhaps, you have a similar dream of living a slower paced life in the country. Why not let this work of art be your inspiration to keep following your heart’s desire?

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5"x 7", 8.5" x 11"


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