• Photo of Daisy Nosegay watercolour illustration in a black frame against a whitewashed wood background. An antique pair of scissors are placed on the bottom right corner of the frame. Raffia twine wraps through the blades of the scissors and up to a bouquet of daisies wrapped in brown kraft paper to the right of the frame.
  • Daisy Nosegay watercolour illustration hangs suspended by 2 miniature clothespins. A bouquet of 3 white daisies with green shading against a blue watercolour background. The stems are wrapped with cherry coloured ribbon. Blue paint spray is on the background.
  • Close up of Daisy Nosegay watercolour illustration. A bouquet of 3 white daisies with green shading against a blue watercolour background.
  • Daisy Nosegay Product Lifestyle

Daisy Nosegay – Watercolour Illustration


Bring a little French Country charm into your home with this watercolour daisy bouquet.

Open Edition Giclèe Print.

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“The earth laughs in flowers.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Purchase a Limited Edition or Artist’s Proof of Flower Girl and receive a complimentary, unframed 5″x7″ Daisy Nosegay print. Bonus offer available for the first 10 copies of Flower Girl only.

Nothing breathes life into a room quite like a bouquet of fresh flowers. The simple daisy is one of my favourite blossoms and their addition to a bouquet adds an instant touch of understated elegance. This Open Edition print has been created from an original watercolour illustration.

Ideal for French Country interiors, this cheerful Daisy Nosegay will effortlessly dress up a minimalist decor, as well. 

Why not consider presenting this evergreen bouquet to that special someone? These flowers will never need watering and are guaranteed not to wilt.

All prints are unframed. Please visit my FAQ page for details about actual sizes, materials used and what’s included with your print purchase.

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5"x 7", 8.5" x 11"


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