Mother Nature – Watercolour Illustration Art Print


Mother Nature’s loving influence is present all around us and, as this art print shows, she can be felt by even the smallest of creatures.

Open Edition Giclèe Print.



I picture Mother Nature as a benevolent caregiver, omnipresent and loving. I felt compelled to create a watercolour illustration art print that showed her embodying a living tree, both graceful and elegant, as well as strong and protective. Her presence can be felt at all times, if we but open our hearts to her.

This art print is for anyone of any age or gender who feels a strong affinity with nature.

Prints are unframed. Sizes are approximate. Please visit my FAQ page for details about actual sizes, materials used and what’s included with your print purchase.

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5"x 7", 8.5" x 11"


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