• Ruffled Raven ink drawing is suspended by 2 miniature clothespins against a white background. Raven is in an agitated stance with mouth open to caw. The wings are held away from its sides and the tail is up. The bird is black with dark blue highlights set against a white background.

Rowdy Raven – Illustration Art Print


This illustration art print captures the personality of the incredibly intelligent Raven. These birds can be rowdy, displaying a wicked sense of humour.

Open Edition Giclèe Print.

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Crows and ravens are favourite birds of my husband’s and mine. They’re so expressive, with a wide range of vocalizations. Highly intelligent, they’re known for  having a wicked sense of humour. They didn’t get a reputation as masterful tricksters for nothing. 

I originally sketched this Raven while taking part in a month long Inktober illustration challenge. I loved it so much, I decided to offer it as an art print. 

Prints are unframed. Sizes are approximate. Please visit my FAQ page for details about actual sizes, materials used and what’s included with your print purchase.

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13" x 16", 8.5" x 11"


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