• Photo of Choirboy watercolour illustration. Print sits atop an empty black frame which sits atop sheets of music. Gold ribbon winds through the frame. 2 miniature red Christmas balls and one gold one sit in the frame.
  • Choirboy watercolour illustration hangs suspended by 2 miniature clothespins against a white background. An African American boy with close cropped hair faces right. He's wearing a crimson jacket and white ruffled shirt and his mouth is open in song. Brown watercolour background.

Seasonal Limited Release Print – Choirboy


This print of an original watercolour illustration of a choirboy in mid song is available for a limited time only.

Open Edition Giclèe Print.



What better way to bring the spirit of the holidays into your home than with this print of a choirboy dressed in festive seasonal attire? You can almost hear the ghostly strains of a song raised in celebration of the holiday season. 

If you, like me, have friends and family who celebrate their birthdays at this time year, this print would make a lovely gift that will continue to warm their heart, year after year.

This Open Edition print of an original watercolour illustration will be available for a limited time only before being returned to the archives for another year.

All prints are sold unframed. Please visit my FAQ page for details about actual sizes, materials used and what’s included with your print purchase.

All rights reserved.

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5"x 7", 8.5" x 11"


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