• Front cover of 2 Simply Color for Everyday Living book by Diantha Harris set against a whitewashed wood background.
  • Back cover of Simply Color for Everyday Living Book by Diantha Harris.

Simply Color for Everyday Living Book


This book is an essential read for anyone who loves colour and wants to understand colour psychology and how it affects our everyday lives.

Written by Diantha Harris

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This book is 232 pages full of fascinating information about colour and how it informs our daily lives. You will find yourself referring to it often as a guide to help you understand the power of and psychology behind colour.

I am pleased to have a small selection of my artwork contained within the pages of this truly beautiful and informative publication. Diantha Harris is a practicing colour consultant with a thriving business and years of experience in the industry. 

Disclaimer: My artwork is contained within the pages of this book and I am an affiliate, with the author’s permission to sell this publication.


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