• Too Cool watercolour illustration from Beatnik Bird set hangs suspended by 2 miniature clothespins against a white background. Cartoon character stands facing forward in relaxed position with hands in pockets. The male figure has a beak, wears a black beret and dark sunglasses. The figure wears a vertical striped shirt in red and white that rides up over its ample belly. It wears blue jeans and is set against a taupe background.

Watercolour Illustration Wall Art – Beatnik Bird (Too Cool)


This watercolour illustration Beatnik Bird rules the roost with his French Flair and easy laid back style in a wall art design that’s too cool, daddy-o.

Open Edition Giclèe Print.



This is one cool dude. In fact, with his easy confidence and European flair for style, this Beatnik Bird is almost too cool for the coop. Every flock needs a leader, though, and this unflappable bird seems like he’d be a natural. There won’t be any feathers flying with him on the scene. Dress up your home decor with this original watercolour illustration wall art.

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5"x 7", 8.5" x 11"


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