• Peace Out watercolour illustration from the Beatnik Bird Set hangs suspended from 2 miniature clothespins against a white background. A cartoon character faces forward with its feet together and it's left hand raised in the peace sign. It has a beak and wears a black beret and dark sunglasses. The mail figure has a small blue & white striped t.shirt that rides up over its ample belly. He wears blue jean shorts and is set against a taupe background.

Watercolour Wall Art Illustration – Beatnik Bird (Peace Out)


This watercolour wall art Beatnik bird just wants to live in harmony with the world and spread his message of peace. I like the sound of that, don’t you?

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This feathered friend is one cool dude with his slightly French flair and his joyful approach to life. You’ve gotta love a bird that just wants to live in harmony with the world and spread his message of peace wherever he goes. He has two buddies who he travels with, each one as uniquely ‘with it’ as he is. Hang this watercolour wall art illustration wherever you want to enjoy the benefit of his peaceful vibes.

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5"x 7", 8.5" x 11"


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